Poppy’s Pooch

Poppy had a puppy,

its name was Timmy Tuck,

she took it to the playing fields,

she took it to the brook


The puppy was a cross breed,

cocker spaniel mixed poodle pure,

but then one fateful day,

the pup ran out the door


Now Poppy was beside herself,

what ever should she do,

she looked and looked and looked,

but no sign of Cockerpoo


Then she saw another,

and another cockerpoo,

more in one day than she could say,

seems some craze had now set too


The perfected permed pet,

designed large, medium, and extra small,

colour matched to their owners,

for people no different at all


So Poppy got a different dog,

a rescue as big as a goat,

she took it to the playing fields,

where a cockerpoo stuck in its throat.


– 10th June, 2018