Mum, you could be such a pain in the arse.

Your home truths brought a smile.

your efforts were true, your kindness sincere,

the ones you upset now shed a big tear

for they know in their heart, that real goodness was there,

to put others first, to show them true care,

Mum, you could cause so much chaos, cause it by the ton,

The world is now quieter, but no way as much fun

the cause of such troubles, without seeming to know,

to keep all that stuff, not let anything go

Mum, we never really got you, most thought you’d lost the plot,

but the love that you carried, you gave out such a lot.


You would phone up at midnight, share how bright the stars shone,

wrap pass the parcel at Christmas, with something for everyone.

Mum, the Children, they all loved you, even straight from the cot,

Their innocence, their untainted world, well how could they not.

Seems human nature helps us understand, only after we have lost,

heartbreak and sadness, is that wisdoms cost? I think not.

Mum, I miss you so already, but looking up to night skies,

I know the Angels are now laughing, and rolling their eyes.


April, 2019

Janina’s Story