Heads, or Tales?

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Two sides of once a shiny coin,

words spoken, resound different to each,

actions delivered with heightened emotion,

through minds, infected, by personal commotion


Taking hold, feelings rebuffed and so hurt,

paralysis or action, the need to survive,

mistrust, justice, protecting ones right,

a gaping wound, a gaping mouth, to gasp air through the night


Into the ring, encouraged from their corners,

support for one side, heads up for them,

take the hits, deliver more, the spectators will cheer,

from their own cosy quarters, they must give, and interfere


The bell rings, fights over,

bets paid out, management take their cut,

once so close, the same coin, both sides now out of range

no winners, just losers, leaving the stadium with tarnished change


– 13th November, 2017