Amphibian skin, so smooth, so sleek,
cutaneous nature, so unique,
Outside lungs, to water, to air,
absorbing key elements, with key despair..

Toxic treatment, a new pesticide coat,
chemical prey, sticks in the throat,
The weather is changing, new rules now apply,
a more cold blooded creature, now passes by..

Evolutionary pioneers, now facing their fate,
populations dictate, who now dominate,
too sensitive, too slow, adapt or die,
too porous, too bad, no tears can you cry..

But some hear your plight, as you call through the night,
For you they fight, to put things right,
For you they glisten, for all who listen
For you they shed that tear, before you disappear..

 Andrew Gray – 23rd April, 2018


Water wizard of Saskatoon