Brock bottom

Misunderstood meles,

for many a rare sight,

as they’d rather watch TV,

than step into moonlight


Where wet noses shine,

and the gleam of an eye,

such a beautiful creature,

too special, to die..


Protect our farming,

tiggywinkles, oh no,

more road-hogs kill road hogs,

but these mustelids must go


Accused without fault,

nothing is black or white,

till we reach Brock bottom,

to hear screams in the night


Scumbags with dogs,

mud and blood on their boots,

dig petrified victims,

from setts amid roots


Ignorance is bliss,

for no-one will tell,

just call it a cull,

a legitimised hell


Wild life in the wild,

the two not related?

TB or not TB,

TB bated and hated?


July 7th, 2018