2 Tall Lattes, and an Americana

Make mine a double,
twice the impact I’m told
A big stir, market well,
that’s how best it gets sold

The house of concoction,
it’s whiter that white
Need a Grande, well-brewed
to quench this appetite

Grown homeland, world beating,
straight from the Bush
Timing’s crucial, inherent,
to create the head rush

Spill precision, through the air,
but the lid’s still on tight
Then floored with some help,
to ensure it’s done right

Not a grain to believe,
that such taste some would savor
So increase the heat,
and grind down for full flavor

So much lost in the fall,
so much wasted, so many drops
How long to mop up,
how much longer till it stops

The aroma now stinks,
is what everyone’s saying
For the customers left,
and he’s gone without paying

Mind stimulation,
perhaps it’s time we awoke
Intelligence forces, forces intelligence
to see through the smoke..


Andrew R. Gray  – sometime after September 11th, 2001


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