2 and 2 together

Where are the women? – there used to be some,

ones who wore dresses, but not like your mum,

ones who wore perfume, instead of tattoos,

wore dainty high heels, not stepping into men’s shoes.

Duped; a man’s world’s better, we can easy compete,

with the rise of feminism, we’ll knock them off their feet.

We’ll surpass, rule the world, for we like it on top,

in every aspect, well its now hard to stop.

Who needs men anyway, we can manage without,

We have all we need, now let’s not mess about,

Relationships too, we now see through men’s specs,

Femininity, where.. we’ll prefer the fair sex.

We relate, are best friends, what more can you ask,

To feel equal is key, on any given task,

Society decrees, we will, and we can,

but one thing’s for sure – she’ll never be my Man.

Women, and the death of Femininity